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Boosting Digital Marketing Strategies With Bing Ads

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If we have a solution which could offer the opportunity for our clients to make some money, then we’ll always offer them it! A common recommendation to our PPC clients is advertising on Bing and it has proven to be a great addition to their digital marketing strategy!

It is often wrongly assumed that you should choose Bing OR Google for PPC advertising as they reach the same audience anyway – wrong! The demographic of users between these two search engines vary, so you could potentially be missing a huge opportunity by limiting your PPC advertising to AdWords alone.

In terms of market share, recent statistics have shown that Bing’s search engine market share in the UK increased from 5.25 to 6.29% from January 2013 to October 2014 (( What’s more, the recent Windows 10 upgrade has Bing integrated throughout as standard, which could see Bing search usage increase further over the coming months.

Whilst that’s all good information, the most important thing when considering new advertising channels is cost and ROI. By utilising Bing Ads for your digital marketing campaign you can benefit from less competition, better ad positions and cheaper costs per click compared to AdWords!

So, don’t let Bing be an afterthought for your businesses digital marketing strategy. It really could be a game changer for your business! If you would like to discuss the opportunities Bing Ads could present your business then give us a call! (Of course, we’re experts in AdWords too!).